Public Policy and Your Vision

The public policy and funding choices our leaders make have the potential to impact our eye and vision health and that of our family and loved ones. Prevent Blindness advocates to bring more Americans to eye care.

The Affordable Care Act and Your Child’s Eyes

All individual health insurance plans, small group insurance plans, or plans sold in the state-based health insurance marketplaces are required to include a set of essential heatlh benefits. This requirement does not apply to large group plans. Included in this list of “essential” services is coverage for children’s vision care.

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Access to Eye Care for Children

Too many children with vision disorders have unmet needs for care, leaving them vulnerable to negative effects on learning and development. Racial and socioeconomic inequities in access to care are evident across a variety of measures and studies.

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Medicare Benefits and Your Eyes

Medicare beneficiaries, especially those at risk for or diagnosed with a variety of diseases, are entitled to a number of vision-related services. It is especially important for people with diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, or those who have suffered an eye disease or injury to be aware of and utilize these benefits. Below are details about medical benefits that may be available to you. See the “Need More Help” section for whom to contact for additional assistance.

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Health Insurance and Your Eyes

Most people require some kind of eye care throughout their lifetime, but how do they pay for it? Insurance can be a confusing topic in any circumstance but this is especially true when it comes to our eye health.

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