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Stereoacuity Testing

Recommendation Summary

Stereoacuity (depth perception) testing performed in isolation has not been a fruitful preschool vision screening method. (29) However, when combined with the SureSight Vision Screener, the Stereo Smile II test has been shown to increase the detection rate of strabismus (an amblyogenic condition). (72) Because two screening tests do not necessarily result in a higher detection rate as compared to each test alone, (31) whether or not to add stereoacuity testing is dependent upon the goals of the screening program and resources available. In instances when stereoacuity testing is required or desired for screening preschool children, the Stereo Smile II test, which is commercially available as the PASS Test(TM) 2 – Preschool Assessment of Stereopsis with a Smile 2 (Vision Assessment Corporation, Elk Grove Village, Illinois), should be used because it performs better than the Random Dot E (RDE) test of stereoacuity. (29)