Prevent Blindness Condemns Racism, Decries Continued Impact on Health Disparities and Outcomes

There is no question that race and ethnicity have a significant impact on individuals’ access to care in the United States. As a public health organization, our mission of preventing blindness and preserving sight can only be accomplished by first eliminating the barriers that far too many face in their right to healthcare.

We know these barriers exist. We know that race plays a role in access to quality care. We know that federal and state budgets funding health programs to help our communities are under constant threat. Recent events, including the killing of George Floyd and the disparate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on minority communities, are yet another painful reminder at least, of the systemic inequalities that must be eliminated.

For more than 100 years, Prevent Blindness has advocated for health care services for all, no matter the age, gender, race or income level. We will continue to do so and we ask the American public to join us and other groups that work to ensure protections for everyone.