Prevent Blindness North Carolina Offers Employers Resources to Help Protect Workers’ Vision, Eye Health


Raleigh, NC (Feb. 27, 2011) – The workplace can be a dangerous place for the eyes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 25,230 reported eye injuries in one year alone that required time away from work. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide workers with suitable eye protection, sight-threatening accidents still occur.  

Prevention is one of the best ways to keep healthcare expenses down. Fortunately, 90 percent of all eye injuries can be prevented through the proper eye protection. Additionally, half of all blindness from eye disease is preventable through early detection and treatment by an eye care professional. As part of Workplace Eye Wellness Month, Prevent Blindness North Carolina provides employers with two programs to help protect their biggest assets – their employees. 

In partnership with Uvex, Prevent Blindness North Carolina recently launched its new Eye2Eye initiative. The unique program features a peer-based, interactive curriculum and community-oriented forum enabling end-users to share their learnings and best practices with each other.

Upon completion of the multimedia training program, employee representatives become certified Eye2Eye Safety Ambassadors, a vital role designed to bridge the gap between safety managers and employees. Safety Ambassadors gain access to the program’s online training modules and also receive product samples and promotional prizes provided by Uvex. A one-year, $250 membership for Eye2Eye includes online access for up to five employees. More information may be found at

Prevent Blindness North Carolina also offers the Healthy Eyes Educational Series which is ideal for lunch-and-learn presentations in an office setting. Those interested may download free modules to conduct formal presentations or informal one-on-one sessions. Each module includes a Presentation Guide and corresponding PowerPoint presentation on a variety of eye health topics such as adult eye disorders, eye anatomy, healthy living, low vision and various safety topics. 

“It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in. Eye health and safety should be a top priority for everyone,” said Jennifer Talbot, President & CEO of Prevent Blindness North Carolina. “We’ve worked with industry experts to put together the most comprehensive programs to help save sight in the workplace, and we encourage everyone to participate in protecting their eyes today!”

To find out how your company can sign up for Eye2Eye or the Healthy Eyes Vision Educational Series, or to receive free information on eye safety in the workplace, please contact Prevent Blindness North Carolina at (919) 755-5044 or visit